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Colin MacIntyre is one of the sharpest minds in the New Covenant Movement. It is an honor to endorse him and the work he is doing, especially the creative ways that he is communicating the New Covenant through his beautiful graphic art. I absolutely love the gorgeous instructional tools that he has created, and recommend them to all.

Dr. Jonathan Welton

Author of Understanding the Whole Bible, Founder of Welton Academy

Behind the Cards

Colin MacIntyre

Bible Teacher, Graphic Designer

Believers around the world are awakening to a movement of truth. The Bible, no longer obscured by medieval thinking, is becoming understood down to its roots. Churches, no longer paralyzed by authoritarian control or end-time fear, are releasing optimists with a vision to unchain creation. If that is you, Better Covenant Cards exists to supply inspired tools to help you fulfill your calling as an ambassador of Jesus Christ. Study cards that teach volumes. Streetwear with a message. Wall art that sparks discussion. And more to come.

Better Covenant Cards was an idea born out of in-depth study of Scripture, language, history and anthropology, and, with the blessing of Welton Academy, it has become a continuing project. To introduce revelation in this kind of visual way is my passion, and has proven to be effective for those who find the Bible obscure, contradictory or confusing. After a lengthy testing and development period, a limited edition beta deck was made available through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Then, in 2017, the new and improved First Edition deck was completed. The rest is history!